Emergencies happen anytime, anywhere. When they happen, immediately lend a hand to those who called for help via the Goozam Super Portal and App.

Wide Selection of User Types

Register in the GooZam App based on the role you wish to have. Whether  you want to be a regular app user, an emergency responder, a vendor, or a GooDriver, you can easily choose your user type.

Quick Emergency Request

From MEDICAL concerns, POLICE assistance, ROAD ACCIDENTS, FIRES, MENTAL HEALTH concerns to any other emergency situation, GooZam is only clicks away and ready to help.

Reliable Check Ins

  1. Leave your favourite places excellent reviews with GooZam’s Check-In Feature.
  2. Conduct seamless contact tracing or employee location verification for your payroll processing

Swift Parcel Delivery Requests

Book your PARCEL DELIVERIES anytime, anywhere in a just few clicks. With numerous GooDrivers from a variety of partner delivery organizations in the GooZam app, we’ll make sure to swiftly respond to your urgent request.

Mobile Grocery Runs

There is no need to go out of the house to purchase BASIC FOOD SUPPLIES and ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS. With the GooZam App, easily order from your favourite grocery store and arrange for pick-up or delivery.

No Queue for Essentials Services and Bookings

No more long lines to have your car washed, your haircut, or your

eyebrows trimmed. Conveniently BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS

via the GooZam app.

Volunteer Organization

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