Imagine a city where
all Call For Help is heard.

Now, make it happen. 

Immediate Emergency Response

Emergencies happen anytime, anywhere. When they happen, immediately LEND A HAND to those who CALLED FOR HELP via the GooZam Super Portal and App.

Complete Product Orders on Essential Supplies

Rely on complete and accurate order information to ensure fast customer service on essential supplies.

Trusted Service Bookings

Receives notifications with complete details from the GooZam Super Portal and App for ESSENTIAL SERVICES BOOKINGS.

Speedy Parcel Deliveries

Get notified on PARCEL REQUESTS anytime via the GooZam Super Portal and App
and ensure speedy delivery to those in need.

GooZam envisions digitally responsive and socially responsible cities.

We are in the mission of advancing cities, improving lives and innovating good deeds.

GooZam Portal is a super platform that transforms organizations

to be more socially responsible and responsive

to all sorts of call-for-help.

GooZam Super Portal

For a Smarter and Safer City